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The Monumental City Bar Association (MCBA) is Baltimore’s oldest and largest specialty bar association. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the Monumental City Bar Association has a long legacy and rich history as an advocate for African-American attorneys and the interests of the African American community in Baltimore City.

Embracing a commitment to service and to excellence, our members have made significant contributions to the legal community in Baltimore City and throughout the state of Maryland. Our members serve prominently in the judiciary, state and federal government, law firms, academia, law firms, corporate and non-profit organizations.

As we continue to honor the organization’s commitment to service, we invite you to join us and support our association in the various events for our members and the community that we host or participate in throughout the year.

If you are interested in learning more about our mission, agenda, and recent achievements, view our 2016-2017 Annual Report, 2017-2018 Mission Statement, and 2017-2018 Annual Agenda.

If you would like to financially support the Monumental City Bar Association’s annual events and initiatives, click here to learn about sponsorship opportunities.
The Monumental City Bar Association was founded in 1935 by several legal pioneers including Warner McQuinn, W. Ashbie Hawkins and the future Unites States Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. MCBA was formed as a coalition of black lawyers promoting justice for all people.

In 1952, MCBA celebrated its first female officer, Lena K. Lee, as Vice President of the organization and M. Bernadine Miles became the first woman president of MCBA in 1983. Over the years, MCBA’s membership has grown to include the country’s most prominent attorneys: Harry A. Cole, John Hargrove, William H. Murphy, Sr., Soloman Baylor, George L. Russell, Sr., Robert Watts, Sr. and Robert M. Bell, retired Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals. Currently, a number of sitting judges and prominent attorneys throughout the state are active members and supporters of MCBA.
The Monumental City Bar Association is designed to provide timely forums on various topics of interest and concern in the legal community and the community at large. Projects include:
  • Providing mentoring and counseling to law students and young lawyers.
  • Providing training opportunities to advance the education and professional development of African-American attorneys throughout the state.
  • Providing fellowship and support for African-American attorneys through networking opportunities.
  • Providing vital legal services to the community.
  • Upholding the dignity and honor of the legal profession.